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Sherwood Pines....

Crazyjenkins01Crazyjenkins01 Posts: 409
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Any good?

I'm up that way on a training course with work next week and might try and squeeze in a cheeky after work ride on the way back to the hotel/before driving home ride Friday morning...


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,441
    Sherwood is pretty flat, but you can have a bit of fun on it. It can be a bit muddy in places but they can be bypassed. Kids on half term so the cafe and playground may be busy at times, several local counties have staggered half term so it's busy if nice weather. Parking not cheap either. I'm up there on Thursday with my youngest to see how he gets on with his new bike and for me to have a play on my new cyclocross bike.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,809
    Not challenging, easily done on a Hybrid, but can be Ok fun if you put some effort into maintaining pace, The Bossnut in your sig would be a bit too much bike.
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  • Thanks for the info Oxo, that's pretty much what I thought from what I have heard of the place.

    That's pretty much what I was thinking Rook, just seems a waste to not try and take advantage of the kid-free evenings! Anywhere else in the area you would suggest?
  • Roo76Roo76 Posts: 21
    It's okay for somewhere to ride if your in the area. It's very flat, it isn't at all technical but it's nice flowy single track... which makes it popular with families which means bikes/tantruming kids/dogs/push chairs/kitchen sinks etc will be abandoned at random on the trails.
    Infinitely better than a hotel room though. Greno/Wharncliffe woods are about 30-40minutea north if you fancy something a bit more tech.
  • Hey Roo, thanks for the info.
    Is it unofficial trails in the woods or is it waymarked?
  • Roo76Roo76 Posts: 21
    Greno is waymarked proper surfaced trails, have a look at ride sheffields fb page theres some trail closures coming up. Wharncliffe is a bit more follow your nose. There used to be a marked trail there a few years back not sure if any still exists. (The fc pulled the plug on funding/building)
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