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And a third. Tragic week on the roads of London

imatfaalimatfaal Posts: 2,716
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What a god-awful week this has been in NE London; Enfield, Whitechapel, and now Silvertown. Thoughts are with family and friends - I have been at the wrong end of that awful news and nothing is ever the same again.

First soundings of protest in Whitehall on Saturday - I think I might have to be there. I have stopped getting angry with individual motorists - now it is time to start trying to make the system fit and safe


  • benws1benws1 Posts: 403
    Absolutely terrible when this happens.

    From what I can see in the picture, is it a tipper truck involved on a corner/junction? Was the cyclist on the inside of the truck as it turned?

    It's horrible that we keep having these accidents. There are things that need to be done by vehicle operators to make things safer. However, there are also a lot of cyclists putting themselves in harms way. Never, ever get between a vehicle and the kerb. Especially so on a left turn.

    On a side note, I approached a junction near my house the other night. I waited in the traffic behind a car. Someone on a road bike came past me on the left, then proceeded to filter past the cars on the left next to the kerb. I live in rural Lincolnshire so the queue was only about 8 cars deep. However, I never, place myself between a vehicle and the kerb. I move into the middle of the lane and wait for the traffic to begin moving.
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