Noisy brakes

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New to the world of bike maintenance and fettling so could do with some advice.

Recently fitted some new brake blocks on the commuter (standard Shimano ones) as the old ones were knackered, but ever since they make a horrible noise when I brake. It's a scraping sound not a squeak when I apply the brakes and the stopping power isn't great at all.

Have I damaged the rims by running the old pads for too long or am I better off just trying some new pads? I've got some Swissstop blocks somewhere but they are a different size I think.


  • keef66
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    They may be noisy and less effective till they bed in to match the rims. Alternatively they may have picked up some grit or shards of metal; whip the wheel out and have a look.

    This time of year my rim brakes sound hideous all the time due to the crap being constantly sprayed up from the road. Always had standard Shimano brake blocks and found them OK. Rim wear hasn't been excessive either; my RS10s are nearly 10 years old.
  • Thanks. They have been on for about 400 miles so would have thought they'd have bedded in by now but will give them the once over to see what crap they have accumulated!

    Both front and rear sound the same so will check them both.
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    400 miles commuting is certainly enough time for them to have bedded in. In this sh1tty weather I get into the habit of dabbing the brakes to wipe the rims just before I do any serious braking; it does reduce the scraping sound a bit.