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Which smart turbo trainer??

Hi guys I'm after advice on which smart turbo would be the best value for money? I would like one to use with Sufferfest and needs to run without electric mains power.


  • Value for money is relative. But there's only really one smart turbo that will run entirely without mains power and yet still give full access to all it's features, and that's the Tacx Bushido Smart.
  • I've a Bushido. Good piece of kit. Doesn't slip much, not too noisy, no mechanical issues in 2 years etc. Only things I would comment on by way of negatives are:
    - being unpowered it's proven to be a bit of a pig to calibrate (I've not got powermeters). The Tacx software struggles to find it and then when it does the spin down (you've stopped pedalling) it doesn't connect when you start up again. There was an update about 6 months ago that has made it much much better and it seems to work almost every time with little issues now. Trainerroad didn't use to work doing calibration on it. Sufferfest App may not so you'd need Tacx App (free).

    - not sure if it's because it's unpowered but the sensor does need to be pretty close. I've bought a little extension cable for my Ant+ dongle and it lays on the floor near the back wheel. No problems with drop outs etc since doing that.
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