My new wheels in the last 2 years..

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Hey there thought i would just share a couple of pics of my bikes

Pics are average at best & not up to date.. Apologies in advance..

Thoughts are welcome!!


2016 Specialized StumpJumper FSR Comp Carbon 29er.

Not done much to this bike apart from a pair of Shimano Trail SPD's and running tubeless.. My son is actually using it since I got this in November!!..


2017 Focus Jam C Factory 27.5

The colour is really deceptive. Originally thought it was silver but when I picked it up its actually a bronze colour.

So far I have added Crank Brothers Mallet E pedals, Swapped out the stock Conti Trail Kings with a 2.5" Maxxis Shorty on the front and a 2.5" Maxis Minion DHF DD on the back. Running tubeless also.

Thinking of changing up the bars/stem. Anyone any thoughts on stem length and bar rise?

Not sure if these pics will work,

Will try and get some up to date snaps up when i can..
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  • Also Meant to ask..

    Thinking about changing my shoes which are reasonably old trail bontrager spd shoes

    Shortlist so far(in order of preference):

    Specialized 2FO cliplite
    Shimano ME 7
    FiveTen Hellcat

    Anything else to add?

    Something that will work well with the Mallet E?

    Quite often i won't be clipped in on sketchy stuff. So something that is going to grip the pins but still engage reasonably easily. The more i read about the 2F0 the more i think they will be best. For the same money you are getting more features with the Shimanos?? More aggressive tread pattern too?
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  • Some better up to date snaps..



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