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Castle, Ship and a Lighthouse

freakychurchillfreakychurchill Posts: 82
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I decided I needed a fat adventure so I got on the train to Flint in Wales where I would cycle back home and see a few places on the way. The weather was amazing despite being a little chilly. My first stop was Flint castle which was built in 1277, and was one of the first castles to be built in Wales by King Edward I. It has one round ‘Donjon’ tower, isolated from the rest of the inner ward, is unique in design. This is where Edward I’s “Iron Ring” of fortresses across north Wales to subdue the Welsh first began. Its is also in famously features in Shakespeare's Richard II and the castle serves as an important setting for a crucial part of the play.
I followed the North Wales coast path which was stunning and amazingly muddy until I got to the next stop which was the TSS Duke of Lancaster its rusting hulk is like an abandoned ghost ship ready to be scrapped. Its last voyage was 1978 where it docked in Flintshire. It opened in the 80s as a tourist attraction which boasted the third highest attraction in Wales. Sadly new health and safety regulations came in and it had to close. It did boasts some impressive art work most of which has now sadly been painted over.
I carried on to my last stop which was The Point of Ayr Lighthouse which was built in 1776 to warn ships entering between the Dee and the Mersey Estuary. It was eventually fell into disuse and was decommissioned in 1884. Many a tale has been told of a ghost that resides there of a lighthouse keeper walking around the tower housing a light to warn passing ships.. Sadly I saw nothing. The beach there is amazing but quite soft in areas but the fat bike cruised through no problem. The last 15 miles where boring tarmac but had a great day and rewarded myself with a beer of six :)


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