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CANYON Ultimate CF SL 9.0 vs. AL SLX 9.0

chillisabelchillisabel Posts: 2
edited February 2017 in Road buying advice
Hello everybody!

I've recently decided to get a new bike and was initially willing to pay up to 2000€ (2150$/1720£). I've researched quite a lot and kind of got to the point where I have to decide between two bikes. These would be the Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 and the Ultimate CF SL 9.0. These two bikes have the exact same specs and just differ in frame material and geometry (and looks). Here's a link to the comparison of both bikes

I prefer the geometry of the CF because it's less stretched than the AL (I need an XS with both of them) and I also like the looks better. The CF is at a price of 2200€, which is 300€ more than the AL's 1900€

I think my questions is ultimately whether the CF is worth its 300€ additional euros.

I'd be happy about hearing your answers and just your experience with either of the bikes ;)


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