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Cycleops 400 Pro help

burnthesheepburnthesheep Posts: 675
Our work has some Cycleops 400 Pro bikes that I ride during lunch in the gym.

They come with the powertap pedals and the matching GPS. The instructions show going to manual wattage control and using the + and - buttons to adjust instead of the resistance screw.

This doesn't work, it says it isn't compatible. Well, ok then.

The problem is that the bike will not maintain more than about 170w on the resistance screw without holding your hand on it to keep it from turning back. If you put it on something where you will generate like 300 or 400w, the knob will move back to the low resistance. Not sure this is due to the automatic control trying to kick back in or if it just will not stay.

It is very annoying to try to do a 30 min ride at 200w or some intervals at a high wattage and hold your hand on the resistance screw the whole time.

Any insight is appreciated. I'm sure the maintenance crew at work wouldn't be able to do much but call in an expensive equipment repair technician who likely knows nothing about it.


  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,062
    Get whoever is in charge to log a call... or have you actually thought to
    RTFM ?? ... 786_EN.pdf
  • JGSI wrote:
    Get whoever is in charge to log a call... or have you actually thought to
    RTFM ?? ... 786_EN.pdf

    I did actually, that's why I posted.

    That's the same one I found. I read it and it includes no information on the automatic speed or wattage control.

    All that manual has is assembly and routine maintenance information.

    The only halfway relevant thing from that manual might be the hub battery. I saw that the first time RTFM, as you put it, but didn't feel that to be the case since the related electronics in that area seem to work.

    I would be happy to RTFM if it's not the same one I found before your shrewd comment. I've emailed for a different manual but not heard back yet.

    Thanks for nothing.
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