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Wheel upgrade for 2016 Trek Domane 4.0 Disc

max4333max4333 Posts: 3
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I currently have 2016 Trek Domane 4.0 Disc at full Ultegra group set. I decided to upgrade my wheels after I bought 2017 Trek Procaliber 9.7. It is Hardtail MTB but it looks like DT Swiss X1700 Spline Two 29 wheels it came with actually rolls better, faster and longer than Domane!! Difference was much more evident when I put 700x28c Conti 4000S II on DT Swiss!!

I contacted Trek directly and they said those wheels on my Domane 4.0 Disc are like cheap-basic entry level disc wheels that are not even Bontrager hub. They said I should have gotten 4.5 Disc which comes with Affinity Comp TLR Disc wheel (still entry but better than the ones on 4.0 Disc).

Domane 4.0 Disc was $2,099 while 4.5 Disc was $3,199. Both have same 400 series OCLV carbon with 4.0 Disc having much lower Sora group set. I hated 4.5 Disc color so I bought 4.0 Disc and upgraded it to Ultegra, bringing it up to 4.5 Disc level. Big question for me is, how much should I spend to actually get a meaningful wheel set upgrade?

I am looking at Fulcrum Racing 5 DB. I really am impressed with their features like 2:1 spoke ratio, straight pull spokes, asymmetric lace pattern stuffs that are not on this Bontrager wheel. However, too many people are saying that I must spend at least $1,000 to actually feel the difference... Is this true? I thought that can only be true if I already have decent wheel.

I am not looking for something like to increase my average speed by 5 mph. I am aware of the fact that only way to do that is ride more and become stronger. However, doing that is much more difficult with this so average wheel set. I want to have wheel set although not too light but have some distinctive features like Racing 5 DB.

Would Fulcrum Racing 5 DB be better or be around same with Bontrager Affinity Comp TLR (my wheels are even worse than this)? If it is not an upgrade, what other wheels out there will serve my purpose and not break my bank? I don't care about weight savings, I want wheel set which rolls better.


  • rob13rob13 Posts: 430
    I'm also interested in the fulcrum as an upgrade to a set of Alexrims 1.9s and R505 hubs. Will be keen to hear what others think.
  • janwaljanwal Posts: 489
    I did the same as you and had Domane disc 4 and had Ultegra put on it.However last week I had a new SRAM 1x11 hydraulic groupset put on.I really can't fault it so far the hydraulic brakes are just so much better than the TRP hy/rds and I think it will be my all year bike so I asked my LBS today and on his recommendation he has ordered me a set of DT swiss R32 disc wheels and Shimano freeza rotors. ... -spline-db
  • Thank you for sharing valuable information janwal! I put Shimano ST-R785 Hydraulic brake set and freeza rotors and they work awesome too. Other than the wheel set I absolutely love my current Domane. I will go check that DT Swiss R32 wheel out!
  • Look at Hunt wheels. Great value for money and reasonably light.
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