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11/10 speed cassette on 9 speed hub?

chrisrahi9chrisrahi9 Posts: 41
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I am planning to buy a commencal meta ht am that comes with an sram x7 9 speed rear derailleur and an sram x5 2 speed front derailleur. I am planning to directly upgrade the rear derailleur and maybe opting for a 1 speed cransket at the front. Does a 10 speed sram/shimano cassette work on the 9 speed hub on the bike? Same question for the 11 speed cassette.


  • No idea what a "commencal meta ht am" actually is. But in general 9 speed hubs can be used with 10 speed cassettes with the addition of a spacer. The same is not true of 11 speed which won't fit on the hub.

    You will need to change the shifters but you may not need to change the derailleur.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    11 speed will fit, (no spacers needed) and you'll need a new mech and shifters and the pull rate is different on 9,10 and 11 speed.
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  • cooldad wrote:
    11 speed will fit, (no spacers needed) and you'll need a new mech and shifters and the pull rate is different on 9,10 and 11 speed.
    Now i am a bit confused, because i have read many times that a 11 speed cassette won't fit on a 9 speed hub. In other words, are you sure it will fit?
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Any Shimano will fit and standard Sram. Sram XD needs a specific freehub due to the 10 tooth cog.

    Road stuff is different.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    An 11 speed MTB cassette is the same size as 8,9 and 10, the 11 speed road cassette is not and requires a different hub, that is probably the source of your confusion.

    As above, to run 11 speed you'll need a new casette, chain, shifter and rear mech and ideally a narrow wide chainring (or single specific with a chainguide.

    To run 10 speed you'll need a new cassette, chain shifter and rear mech (plus chainring) UNLESS its has a gripshift when you can get a conversion kit to allow the shifter and mech to work with as a ten speed.
  • This thread seems as good a place as any to ask this question...

    I bought a new spare fat rear wheel, which came with a loose spacer on the freehub, that was ~1mm or so thick. Am I right in thinking that is for running 8/9/10-speed cassettes on the supplied freehub, but with 11-speed, I remove the spacer?
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  • Yes, it should be 1.85mm thick.
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    As Simon pointed out above, SRAM NX, and Shimano MTB 11 and 10 speed cassettes fit straight onto (most) Shimano spline pattern freehubs (usually named 8/9/10 speed). But there are exceptions - 7 speed freehub bodies will only accept 7 speed cassettes (unless you crack open a higher speed cassette), many Mavic hubs require a 2.5mm spacer before you fit the cassette, and road 10 speed cassettes require a 1mm spacer in addition.

    This is because Shimano 10 speed road cassettes are 1mm narrower... they then released a 10 speed specific road freehub which doesn't need the 1mm spacer, but does mean you can't usually fit an 8,9 or 11 speed cassette to it. SRAM 10 cassettes are all the same width.

    And we also have 11 speed road freehubs and cassettes which are wider again. You can fit 8/9/10/11 (mtb) speed cassettes by adding 1.85 mm worth of spacers, and a 10 speed with 2.85mm of spacers, which is why you often get a 1.85 and 1mm spacer with them.

    And, as above, you can fit 7 speed cassettes to all these witha further 4.5mm spacer.

    I have probably cocked that up somewhere, and I am not including Campag. Or some odd Ultegra and Dura Ace stuff from a few years back. Or uniglide. I'm glad they make all this so simple...
  • First, apologies for bumping a 3 year old thread, but I thought this is the best place to ask the question.

    I'm upgrading my wife's bike from 8-speed to 11-speed.

    I've fitted a SRAM 1x11 GX shifter and derailleur along with a Shimano 11-34 HG-500 road cassette and it works perfectly. My problem is that when I try to put on a SRAM PG1130 11-36 cassette, the cassette is too wide for the freehub body. The 11t doesn't engage the freehub at all and it's clearly too wide.

    I know that the Shimano 11-34 is a bit of a unique cassette because it can be used on both 11 speed road hubs or 10 speed road hubs with a spacer. The 34t cog sits slightly inboard of the freehub so I'm guessing that this is why the Shimano 11 speed hub works.

    However, I'm surprised that the 11 speed SRAM PG1130 cassette doesn't work because as per this thread, the 11 speed mountain bike cassettes work fine on any 8/9/10 speed freehubs. Any ideas why this doesn't work?

    It's a Giant/Liv Stiny which I bought while working in Shanghai a few years ago and I cannot find much information about it online. It originally came with a SRAM 1x speed X3 groupset. I don't know the specifications of the hub.
  • After a bit more research on the PG1130, I figured out why it won't work. It seems that the PG1130 cassette is an 11-speed road cassette in 11-26, 11-28, 11-36, but only the 11-42 is compatible with 10 and 11 speed hubs. Talk about confusing.

    The PG1130 is listed by SRAM under mountain AND road. Why not call the 11-42t something else so people don't think that all PG1130 cassettes are MTB cassettes? The PG1130 even comes in black, which following to SRAM's other 11 speed cassettes are all MTB cassettes. Why make a black PG1130 11-36 cassette which is a road cassette? Ugh, so annoyed.
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