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Bianchi Intenso Build

MiloSnoweMiloSnowe Posts: 10
edited January 2017 in Your road bikes
Bought new last August as it just squeaked in under the £1000 Cycle to Work Scheme limit in the sale from Hargrove Cycles. Fitted with Shimano Tiagra and R500 tractor wheels with Reparto Corsa finishing kit.
I told the guys in the shop to not even build it and leave it in the box because it would never run in that form and would be stripped as soon as I got it. Hence no bar tape. The intention is to build over the winter months ready for next spring. More to follow soon as the rebuild begins.


  • smoggystevesmoggysteve Posts: 2,909
    Nice bike choice. I just got an Oltre XR1 which I intend doing the same thing on. Sticking pretty much everything new on it. Gives me something to do while I can't ride.
  • Thanks, I'm of the same opinion as everything on the bike is going to be upgraded except headset bearings and a few cable clips and brackets.

    Here's the 'Dry' frame forks and headset after stripping

    It's a '130 Year' 2015 frame

    My intention is to lose a few pounds but the one area I can't do this is forks and frame.
    The Frame weigh in
    ...which is somewhat portly for a modern carbon frame but is still acceptable for a 59cm with consideration that this isn't on the top tier.

    And here's the weight of the forks
  • smoggystevesmoggysteve Posts: 2,909
    The intenso is an Infinito less the countervail and even that bike is not the lightest but is one hell of a comfy bike. At 1288 islts still not uber heavy. To get a sub kilo frame you coukd pay double. Whats your final setup going to be or you keeping your options open?
  • My eventual aim is to buy an XR4 or Infinito CV for a
    'BIG' birthday in a few years and that's the point when I'm going to go for a super light frame. I'm happy with the Intenso weight and the bike was a bargain so certainly not dissing the Intenso just being pragmatic that this isn't going to be breaking any UCI limits when complete.

    I do know what the final set up will probably be and when the parts arrive and are fitted I'll post the developments.
  • lincolndavelincolndave Posts: 8,938
    Good choice of frame
    I ride the infinito cv it's an excellent frame , very comfortable as well
    I think the majority of Bianchi riders would like the xr4 :)
    Keep us upto date on the build
  • Ok wheel time.
    Got some CERO AR30's in a pre Christmas sale.
    They seem to have good reviews are lightweight and were reduced from £400 to £250 so were worth a punt.

    The front wheel weighed in bare 650g

    Rear wheel 765g

    Rim tape per wheel 15.7g
  • I'd read about something called 'Veloplugs' that are a lighter replacement for rim tape.

    Veloplug weigh in 3g a saving of 12g per wheel (yep sad I know! and they don't come cheap)

    Veloplugs fitted
  • My tyre weapon of choice due to excellent rolling resistance for a reasonable-ish price

    Weighing in at 221g
  • Next something new for me...
    Continental Supersonic tubes

    I normally go for Continental Race but the Supersonics are half the weight and don't have the downsides of latex but have similar rolling resistance
    53g each
  • Light wheels make fast wheels. The best weight to save on a bike is rotational mass and sub £400 this is the best I can manage.


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