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Time for a new bike 650b

Grovsie29Grovsie29 Posts: 116
edited January 2017 in MTB buying advice
Hey all. Been a while since I posted.

Ive still got my 2011 Giant Trance X4, with a old pike I think bought from rockmonkey years ago. Its basically a bit long in the tooth, and the rebound is awful, its time for a new bike. I really don't see the point in trying to upgrade the bike, as its 26" and the only good thing about the bike is the frame and the brakes which I fitted Shimano XT.

So my question is what bike? Iam getting back into biking, and will be looking to do all the big trails centres this year, I like to ride pretty fast, and do rock gardens, etc.

My budget is about 2.5k. Iam looking at 2nd hand bikes, I love the look of nukeproof and santa cruz, but really not sure what to get. My mate has a orange 5 with a Rockshox pike RCT3 fork and it felt lovely.


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