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Bike Updgrade - advice

nicamaxnicamax Posts: 3
edited January 2017 in MTB buying advice
Hey everyone, I want to get a bike updgrade to a full suspension bike. I currently own a Scott Scale 970 2016 and like how it rides. I normally ride XC and Trails but mainly XC. I live in Central America and we don't have a great selection, however we do have a Scott distributor, Specialezed, Cannondale and Trek. Which would be the best? Budget is around $4k which here doesnt get too much since prices are blown out of proportion. I really like the Scott Spark and the Scott Genius but the Specialized Stumpjumper or Camber aren't out of the question. A little advice?
I haven't ridden any of them given that the shops don't have these in inventory, they would have to bring it for me.


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