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Giant Defy 1 sizing - 5'7-7.5 - 31 inseam

Hendrix2430Hendrix2430 Posts: 119
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Just bought a Defy 1 2016, and struggled with which size tochoose. For reference I have a specialized Sirrus Elite Disc in Medium, and thefit is great – I couldn’t go bigger though but could go smaller on that one. Itfeels great but I’m fully extended (without being completely overstretched) andI’m slightly touching the top tube when standing over.

I’m 171cm tall (5’7 – 5’7.5) and inseam is 78cm (31’). I wastold by email that I was in between sizes and recommended I got for medium.After reading through the web, and considering I could go smaller on my sirrusbut not bigger, I decided to choose the Small…

Does anyone has the same bike and similar measurements, andcould give some advice? Did I chose the right size?



  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,213
    Depends on your body proportions, torso length, arm reach. I was between sizes and went for the medium as I preferred the height of the longer head tube and was fine with the reach of the standard 100mm stem and the 54.5cm top tube. Have a read through this thread.

  • I had a Defy 1 (Small) I'm 5'7" and inseam of 80cm - That was fine for me. I'm riding a Focus Cayo Medium now and that's just a little larger (54) and that's OK too.
  • grenwgrenw Posts: 803
    Small. That's what my Defy was. I'm around 5' 8" with 31" inside leg,

    I sat on the medium and it felt a little to stretched for me. I was a mtb rider at the time though so anything would feel stretched!
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