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specialized diverge vs felt VR50

GrandeGrande Posts: 2
edited January 2017 in Road buying advice

I was looking for new bike - I would like to buy bike which is good on the roads but will don't selfdestruct if I will go to
forest for a ride etc. After reading some reviews I put my eyes on specialized diverge. However as I am tall person (193 cm)
I need 61 cm frame. I have contacted two shops where I want to but bike from ( I am limited to shops accepting halfords cycle sheme) and both of them are out of stock. Reply from one of them is:

" Hi Michal,
Thanks for your email, I have just spoken to Specialized and unfortunately They have sold out of the 61" frame for the year (including all similar Specialized options),
I have had a good look through our bikes and we do have a Felt VR50 available only a couple of days after ordering in a 61"
The bike is a tad more expensive but you get a lot of extra value in the components, running solid and reliable Sora groupset this bike is also very much designed around the taller rider with the 61" frame option having longer cranks and stem.

Please take a look ... _96435.htm "

I cant lots of reviews of this bike online so can you tell me is it any good?
Or do you recommend any similar bike up to 1000GBP?

Currently I have subway Carrerra hybrid bike.

Thanks for your help!

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