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chilievanschilievans Posts: 90
edited January 2017 in MTB buying advice
I'm buying a new set of wheels to upgrade from the SunRingle radium am (roughly 2300g) currently running on my Cube AMS pro 120. Im 80kg and ride mainly cross country with the odd Bikepark Wales trip

I'm tron between 2 options atm, both on superstarcomponents
1 Pacenti tl28 rims (445g) with fuel hubs
2 BOR 366 rims (385g) with fuel hubs

The BOR weigh less and cost less with a weight limit of 100kg but will this make them unsuitable for my needs?

The Pacenti have favourable reviews but unable to find much info on the BOR 366.

Any advice appreciated
can`t stop addicted to the shindig......


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