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Commuting Madness

TiesetrotterTiesetrotter Posts: 432
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I think I had one of those days in London where you have a target on you. I avoided at least three nutters on bicycles, but couldn't avoid the guy on the mobile phone walking out in front of me. I made quite a mess of him in return for a bruised knee, I felt sorry for him in the end

However one of the cyclists that weaved all over the road did stand out.

A guy on a bright red Pinarello F8 with FFWD 50 wheels and a specialist carbon seat. Wearing jeans, hoodie and trainers on dura ace pedals. This thing was a tad small for him, was spotless and I got the impression he hadn't worked out how to change the gears or indeed how to ride it with confidence. I did think about tracking him, but he jumped a red light on Farringdon just as you get to the lights with Fleet St.


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