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Help needed with so many options......

mxgeldarmxgeldar Posts: 12
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Hi all...I need some guidance on the best road bike to buy.

I am in the UK just in case there is a difference of specifications or names!

I currently ride a Giant Defy 1 and am ready to upgrade with a pot of money set aside. I am a regular rider through the summer and turbo through the winter but am just getting back into shape after operations so want to be best prepared for the Coast to Coast and some sportives this summer.

I have up to £3K to spend (was only £2K but have stretched it!) and have shortlisted the following requirements. Carbon, Ultegra or Di2, comfortable for back problems! , must look good, local dealer in NW UK who could support/repair.

The bike shortlist so far is:

Ridley Fenix SL +Di2 (current favourite)
Giant TCR Advanced
BMC GranFondo
BMC Roadmachine RMO1
Cube GTC Agree
Specialized Roubaix

I know there are hundreds of others out there and there are pros and cons to them all. I need objective views from people who may have these machines so I dont make the wrong call.

I have a new set of Mavic Krysium wheels so dont mind too much about the wheelset that may be on the bike as supplied

Any opinions appreciated to narrow the selection down a little.



  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Buy the prettiest.
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  • thanks....thats where I am struggling now. The Ridley is really nice but the BMCs are both special as well !!
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Then buy the prettiest that offers the best value.
    English Cycles V3 | Cervelo P5 | Cervelo T4 | Trek Domane Koppenberg
  • All those bikes listed will be good bikes to ride, they will have slight differences in feel but likely nothing major. Therefore, as mentioned go with what you like the look of the most. I am of the opinion that it takes a fair few bikes to really pin down what you do and don't want so each one is just a stepping stone the next bike! Having said that I have owned BMC's and Spesh (currently on a Tarmac) and both companies make very good bikes, if comfort is a real concern then the Roubaix would be a good choice.
  • booyakabooyaka Posts: 263
    Rose/Caynon would offer better value for money.

    Ok - you lose out on "local dealer" etc - but value for money wins everytime for me.

    I had a couple of issues with my Rose -split tyre in first 100 miles and a wheel rebuild needed (14 months after purchase as I had spokes break on 3 occasions). Both of which Rose didn't need to cover as they could have wiggled out of it saying "wear and tear" /out of warranty etc - however, they sent me a brand new tyre and also paid for postage to return the wheel to them, they rebuilt it and returned it to me inside 10 days.

    Can't fault them. £2k got me all of what you want - Di2, Carbon and comfy. CGF-3100Di2.

    Sorry to throw something else into the mix but don't be scared to consider them. Nothing but praise for Rose.
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