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My handbuilt fixed track


  • shortfallshortfall Posts: 2,970
    Now that's a nice bit of kit.
  • Beautiful geometry
  • Thank you.
    Road gearing 44-18 which is small enough to get up Box Hill.
    No bearing seals whatsoever on the track hubs; so not to be ridden in the rain. First fixed bike for at least 10 years. I love it.
  • 964cup964cup Posts: 1,359
    Tidy, if a bit bling for my tastes. I assume you are very very tall?
  • 44-18 is pretty small, is it really steep around you? Lovely frame and fork. Deep rim wheels are never to my taste but they do work pretty well with that.
  • I've knocked off the gold bar tape. I've never really done a colour before and it wasn't for me- think it looks much better black and tall yes- just over 6' 2"


    44 x 18 is just about okay for Box Hill and the lumps of the Surrey hills and you can spin it up to 25 mph on the flats and downs. For me any bigger and it'd be a bit intimidating to get on and ride knowing that I'll be grinding my knees uphill.
  • Fair enough, I've never really ridden around there, always interesting to me to see what gears others are riding. 47x17 is about my perfect Sportive gear, I seem to move from that up to around 81-88" for club riding and up to maybe 100"-ish for real flat, hard training but I don't really enjoy that kind of thing, it's not the point of fixed riding for me.

    Not running a chain tug? I've only recently fitted one and it's massively improved drive-chain performance and reduced wheel slip, well worth doing if you ask me, particularly if you're riding up hills where torque can be pretty high.

    It's a really nice bike, did you build the frame yourself?
  • A chain tug is a very good idea. I've been meaning to get some- but having said that since I REALLY tightened the bolts they've not moved. I just hope I don't get a puncture; my little carry spanner may not have the torque.
    And yes built be me. My new career. Jig, gas, workshop and painting room in my garden.
  • Paint as well?! That's really impressive! I'll own a handbuilt fixed wheel frame one day. My LeMond is ok but it could be much better.

    A dumbbell spanner is a good idea for out on the road riding, you can basically stand on it once it's on the nut. I have female axles with Allen bolts so I'm always really worried about stripping them. Should have fitted the chain tug ages ago!

    Really is a lovely bike, hope you enjoy it. Just noticed your website so will have a look.
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