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ben-----ben----- Posts: 573
Is it not possible to include images in a post? I can't see any option. If it is, how? I can see how to link to an image but that requires the image to be on the internet already. Thanks.


  • I think the admin of this site will help you. I'm new here in this site and I notice that you cannot post an image in your post.
  • ben-----ben----- Posts: 573
    OK, thanks. Pretty sure it used to be possible. Shame it's not now. Thanks.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Never been possible here to upload an image. A link with img tags will show up. Read the FAQs up there on the right.
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  • How to add images to your posts

    First you need to host the image somewhere on the net.

    common hosts are

    Please read their terms and conditions regards linking and hosting.

    some sites provide code for you to add to your post, or you can copy the images properties and paste that between the img tags provided by the img box above the reply window.

    for example this picture ... 280-80.jpg

    that is the properties of the image. now put it between the img tags and you get..


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  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    It was actually possible to add an image to a post before the "upgrade", but not any more.

    Image hosting sites are a pain, some make it really hard for you to find the actual URL of the image, a lot are blocked by content filters in workplaces. Not that I would spend any of my precious work time on BR :oops:
  • Please Ignore (just testing the image functions to make an advert)

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