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Bike geometry comparisons - a new thing

bob_g_05bob_g_05 Posts: 4
edited January 2017 in MTB buying advice

A friend and I built a website to gather bike geometry info and make it easy to compare.

It's here:

You can add a bike, wiki-style, then easily compare it side-by-side with another. For example, your current bike vs a few on your wishlist ;) Give it a try!

It's only a few weeks old and we're doing this in our spare time, but it's already got over 900 bikes in the database. We're starting to pick up momentum with a number of manufacturers getting involved.

We have a long term ambition to be the biggest and most useful resource for bike geometry. We're looking for feedback - what's useful? What works, what doesn't? What would you like to see?




  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    Not bad but since geometry isn't everything it would be good to add links to reviews for the bikes.
    Some bikes have ideal geometry but censored suspension linkage performance or bad frame flex or a rubbish build kit.
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