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TCC Training

gontxo_nosgontxo_nos Posts: 28
Hello guys. I am now in my period of quality and this is what I am doing (first week of quality training based on TCC book). I want to do SS and CR separately for 2 months:

Mon: 1hr @ Endurance Milles + 3x3' Cimbing Repeats [2'RBI]
Tue: 2hr @ Endurance Milles or Free MTB
Wed: 2hr @ Endurance Milles + 3x6' SteadyState [3'RBI]
Thurs: 2hr @ Endurance Milless or Free MTB
Fri: 1hr @ Endurance Milles + 10' Tempo
Sat: 3hr free with MTB @ Endurance Milles
Sun: Rest day or Recovery Ride

My idea is to increase the time of the series every week, for example, the next week are "Mon: 1hr @ Endurance Milles + 3x4' Cimbing Repeats [2'RBI]". A friend of mine has told me that to do this time of SS and CR is little, it's true?. I also want to alternate free outputs ...

After 2 months, I want to do OU (CR-IM) and PIs during 1 month.

What do you think about this?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.


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