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Hell Of North Cotswolds - 50 or 100km

GobsGobs Posts: 296
Is anyone doing it this year? I fancy a challenge to keep me motivated


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,596
    Yep, I'll be there. You don't have to choose between the 50 or the 100km until you get to the split point. I'll be aiming to do the 100km again this year - I've done both distances in the past, but looking for the bigger challenge this time.
  • I did the 100km a few years ago, sure it's a long ride and your backside will hate you but it isn't that hilly so with a bit of training you should be fine.
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  • GobsGobs Posts: 296
    That's good that you don't have to choose the distance until the day. Sensible me says 50km as it's my first event, but the dark side says go for the 100 :twisted:
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,802
    Did it last year, the first ten miles we really sapping as there was so much rain it turned it into a bog, most people had to stop and push/carry as the forks and frames jammed up with mud.

    As mentioned you can wait until you get to where the routes split before deciding between the two.
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  • fudgeyfudgey Posts: 854
    Ill be there Sunday, on a limeaid transition scout, mate will be on a red/white spesh camber.
    I missed it last year but a few mates did the 100k in a mere 9 hours thanks to the mud.

    We will at least start sunday on the 100km route
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  • antop34antop34 Posts: 62
    how did you get on? I did the 50k and got seriously bored with the amount of road! it was way more than any other year.
  • fudgeyfudgey Posts: 854
    Did the 100k. Yes there is a lot of road and a guy i work with stopped doing it a few years ago as it was too much.

    The 100km was quite hard, my legs started to cramp up from 40 miles in and the last 10 i was suffering to turn the pedals. If it wasnt for that id have finished a lot quicker as physically my legs felt ok, not fatigued (unless that is cramp?!?)

    I think if i ever do it again ill deffo use a hardtail, the full sus was a lot of effort. Beautiful day tho and a little sunburnt now!
    My winter bike is exactly the same as my summer bike,,, but dirty...
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