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Recommend a Turbo Trainer for Zwift

Stuart_NIStuart_NI Posts: 31
I want to purchase a turbo trainer to use for zwift, budget around £200. What does anyone recommend, mag or fluid?

Is this one any good? ... 60599049uk

also what speed/cadence sensor would anyone recommend for windows pc?


  • £200 easy. Definitely the Tacx Flow Smart.

    You won't need a speed sensor with that one. For cadence either the Garmin cadence sensor or Wahoo RPM will work.
  • myidealmyideal Posts: 231
    Go with above. It's in Halfords and that's what I use, worked out the box, no issues.

    Trainer will do cadence aswell, but never as accurate people say. But if you just want to get going at first, that trainer does it all.
  • Does the Tacx Flow Smart automatically adjust resistance, also will my Fuji Absolute 1.5 Hybrid bike fit it?
  • myidealmyideal Posts: 231
    Not sure on the bike question however yes it is a smart trainer. Just search it on the Halfords website and you will see it with reviews - think most are positive as they were when I bought mine.
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