Ks lev integra 150mm fault

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Hi I have the above mentioned seatpost and it's 4months old and already been sent back to warranty of a new cartridge due to it sagging an inch and sticking.
Now after about 10 rides when the post is fully extended there seems to be a fair bit of play front to back, has anyone else had this issue and do you guys think this is normal as I don't and getting fed up with it.



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    Welcome to the world of generally crappy dropper posts.

    People I ride with using KS stuff seem to have fewer problems than people with Reverbs. But on the bright side most people seem to get a new Reverb every 6 months under warranty.

    I may exaggerate a bit.
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  • Yeah I had a reverb for 2 years never had a problem got this with new bike and nothing but issues