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My black Friday treat, Giant Propel

burnthesheepburnthesheep Posts: 675
edited January 2017 in Your road bikes
I've been riding for about 8 months now actively, so this is one of those "more bike than you can use" kind of things. However, I'm an engineer and love tech. I was into tuning cars and the tech there so just love the aero trend in bikes. Also, see rule #4.

I did test ride several things from more pedestrian bikes to more endurance style, but still liked this the most.

It was about $500 extra reduced on black Friday at an LBS. I took it for a ride and took it home.

Pics are from the first ever ride. Nothing dialed in. Since the first ride the seat has risen, the spacers removed on the stem, and the bottle color matched. I need to take new pics because it actually looks the part now, the showroom floor setup was rather relaxed.

I've already ridden 10% of my 2016 mileage in 2017, so this rig should see a good test this year. So if it gets my bottom onto the bike and miles logged, it's helping do the job. So far, loving it.




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