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Apologies in advance....wheel advice again

bsharp77bsharp77 Posts: 533
edited January 2017 in Road buying advice
I know, I know......i'm sorry! if there weren't enough wheel threads already :)

Anyway, its a quick and simple question.
I'm building up a TCR Advanced SL and want a lightweight set of wheels to compliment the fantastic light frameset.

Hunt Race Aero - listed at 1420g for £369

Are there any wheels I'm missing that can get close to those quite impressive looking weight/price specs?
Zondas and RS C24 are heavier, Dura Ace C24 are way more expensive (but would be my choice if I had the budget).

Just making sure theres nothing I've missed before pulling the trigger.
Any suggestions welcome.


  • ryan_w-2ryan_w-2 Posts: 1,162
    They're great for the money but hubs aren't very hardy...
    Specialized Allez Sprint Disc --- Specialized S-Works SL7

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  • MikeBrewMikeBrew Posts: 814
    Looks like a Kinlin xc279 rim.. Why not get these from Superstar ... ebuild.htm Same rim, better Sapim CX_Ray spokes and sturdier hubs. Heavier @ 1545 grams but only £140 in their 50 percent off sale....
    Buy the Mrs something nice with the change :idea:
  • shortfallshortfall Posts: 3,288
    I have Zondas which have been great for me but as with most factory wheels, spares can be expensive and difficult to get hold of relative to handbuilts. Ditto if they ever need truing due to the low spoke count and high spoke tensions. Mine have never needed touching though and I'm 17 stone and ride on some crappy roads. I believe Fulcrum 3s are the same wheel. Hubs are smooth, long lasting and easily serviced.
  • bsharp77bsharp77 Posts: 533
    Thanks for all the replies.

    Good shout on the superstars Mike....however just been on Wiggle and seen they are offering the Fulcrum Racing 3 (1555g) for £283 which seems a bit of a bargain, having had a couple of pairs of the 5s I was quite happy with them.

    To get anything under 1400g there seems to be an awful jump in price, and as much as I want to do the bike justice with the best wheels I can afford, I think an extra £400 for a rough 150g reduction is crazy.
  • ryan_w-2ryan_w-2 Posts: 1,162
    Can't go wrong with Fulcrums (Campgnolo)...

    The 3's are a great wheel and that price is excellent.
    Specialized Allez Sprint Disc --- Specialized S-Works SL7

    IG: RhinosWorkshop
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