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Schwalbe Durano Plusses, not Plusses? no blue strip possibly

ben-----ben----- Posts: 573
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A pair of Durano Plusses I bought on eBay from Hopkinson Cycles in Yorkshire a while ago: I suspect, they're not Durano Plusses, even though they say they are on the side.

I've used and finished with one, which was on the rear. It lasted about 3000 miles and just before discarding it, I got three punctures in three successive rides. I also had had one or two other punctures before that with it. The previous Durano Plus I had on the rear, I used for about 6000 miles, and I may or may not have got a puncture in all that time, I can't remember. Probably did but possibly not. I only changed it because the blue plastic/rubber was showing through in quite a few places. Any punctures I did get with it were well before the point I discarded it.

The two tyres I'm talking about, seemed lighter, less substantial than other D+s. I didn't pay too much attention to this, but it was a recurring vague thought. I checked several times, yup "Durano Plus" written on the side.

I happened to ask in the spotted bargains thread about the difference between Duranos and Durano Plusses, and the main difference, no blue plastic/rubber strip in Duranos. And it suddenly clicked. The Durano Plusses I bought are actually Duranos - I reckon. Does this sound likely/possible? Unfortunately I discarded the first of the two I used. The second is on my bike now and has done about 1000 miles I think. When its life ends, I'll be able to find out if there's a blue strip in by slicing it. In the first tyre, when its life was up, there was no blue showing through, and I remember thinking, where's the blue? Shame I discarded that.

When the second tyre's life ends, and I cut it, and if there's no blue, or other colour rubber/plastic strip, that would definitely mean they're not Durano Plusses right? Or at least defective ones. I'm almost sure there won't be, they just don't seem heavy/thick enough to have it.

I messaged Hopkinson Cycles and they've said, if they say they're Durano Plusses then they are.


  • paulbnixpaulbnix Posts: 628
    The information you received in spotted bargains doesn't agree with my experience of Schwalbe Durano (not Plus).
    I have used a number of these and cut a couple up to use as tyre boots.
    They all had a blue strip. I think it is the raceguard puncture protection.
    I agree they are not totally puncture proof and they seem to last up to about 5000 miles - if they avoid major damage shortening the life.
  • ben-----ben----- Posts: 573
    OK, thanks for that.

    > They all had a blue strip.

    Ah yup, I've just found this:


    The blue strips do look quite different though between the two tyres - at least from that diagram. So when my tyre's life is up, I slice it, it should still be visibly clear whether it's a Durano or Durano Plus from that. I could weigh it as well I suppose. I've got some new definitely Durano Plusses so I could weigh one of those as well, and compare.
  • ben-----ben----- Posts: 573
    I weighed them. The one that's on there (the suspected defect one), 470g. A new Durano Plus 520g. Not a big enough difference to confirm my suspicion. Silly me. They just seemed so much lighter/flimsy. Silly me again :/ Oh well.
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