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Xpedia-outlet on eBay

uddy_pufferuddy_puffer Posts: 20
edited January 2017 in Road buying advice
I know there used to be a retailer called xpedia a few years ago and they appear to be gone but has anyone any experience of an eBay seller called xpedia-outlet?

Looking for a pair of Sidi shoes and these guys are pretty cheap. Loads of positive feedback, minimal negative feedback but I can't find anything over the web to get any more info about them so just checking if anyone else knows anything?


  • I've not used them but have been on eBay since 2003 according to this information The actual company have a number of websites
  • drwaedrwae Posts: 223
    The good thing about eBay is that they will provide some buyer protection so you can usually get your money back if anything goes wrong, especially if you pay by credit card. Although I realise sometimes you just don't want the hassle.
  • Thanks. Great links there awiseman
  • grenwgrenw Posts: 803
    I used them to buy some Sidi's for my wife around 18 months ago. About £100 off RRP and £50 cheaper than anywhere else. Great service and speedy delivery - would happily buy from there again

    When I came to buy some for myself they had no shoes for sale and ended up using BikeInn. Not the best experience (delayed delivery) but again the cheapest with £50 off RRP for a newly released shoe (Dragon 4s)
  • galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
    Ordered a pair of Sidi Genius 6.6 Mega Vernice for £112.50 from them last night and due on Monday.
    Just gotta hope they fit ok.
    25th August 2013 12hrs 37mins 52.3 seconds 238km 5500mtrs FYRM Never again.
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