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I have been having issues with my rock hopper pro evo gears it is fitted with sram x7 the problem occurs when I have chain slap the rear derailleur seems to stay forward and chain goes really slack . I have to then free off derailleur by hand as chain has all doubled up . I have mentioned this in an earlier post but I was wondering if it my make sense to change to a single chain ring conversion. My current set up is 10 speed 11 36 cassette long cage I believe. Is it just a case of replacing front chain ring with a 32 or 34 narrow wide chain ring then shortening the chain to suit or will I have to change rear mech as well. I just want to make the bike easier to ride on trails with less to go wrong . Chain slap related issues have really been taking the enjoyment out of my riding lately.


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    I'd solve your problem in the other post first.
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    Well agreed with cooldad's point but in answer to your question - no.

    Because you can also use a 36 or 38 NW. This is all dependent on you and where you ride and not the bike itself. And you also may need to sort out the chainline if the front is a 2X. Use the middle if it is a 3X. For chain retention the NW alone can be enough but for downhill then a type 2 derailleur - with a clutch and on / off lever can help as well as a retention device. The addition of a bash guard can mitigate other problems but may not protect you from sustained machine gun fire or the response from a rhino if you have just given her baby daughter a good kicking.

    You think that you might have a long cage - you should work out what you have to see if the set up you are proposing has the gear capacity - an easy calc.

    But going back to it; if you are having problems with chain slap then don't just change the front to NW.
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