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Problem with intervals when loosing weight.

ClagerbladClagerblad Posts: 11
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Hi everyone,

So I've decided to lose 10 kilos until 2017 outdoor season. I'm 190cm. And started at 90 kilos. So 79,9 is the target.. Right now I'm at 86 kilos so the weight loss is going the right way. BUT, I have stumbled on a problem. My interval training has taken a major hit. Especially those over ftp.

Is there any good tips on how to tackle this? Right now the interval training sessions is mostly on or right below ftp. There is still a lot of winter training to be done and hopefully som watts to increase ftp with. But right now I'm worried about these watt gains to be lost because of simultaneous weight loss...


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    You might have more luck in the road forum. Not many people I ride with worry about such things.
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  • Losing weight and gaining strength isn't easy.
    TBH never really understood the need for such careful monitoring unless you're racing. And I don't mean that just for intervals. Just ride till you're spent, then go home.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    I doubt it's to do with your weight. Might be more to do with fatigue ? Is it a proper plan with easier weeks and rest days ?
  • _HENDO__HENDO_ Posts: 93
    Your body isn't going to want to add power whilst losing weight.

    It can be done with careful training programmes and specific nutrition.

    It's more realistic to aim to maintain power for a block of training whilst you lose weight and the maintain weight whilst building power in the next block.

    A coach or nutritionist can help with this.
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  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    to loose weight you need to put yourself in a deficit .... your body needs more resource than you are feeding it

    it only goes to say that after a certain amount of time in a deficit that your body is going to have to make cut backs everywhere

    you will loose muscle, you will loose strength, endurance, fat, your immune system will cut back, your sex drive will lower, metabolism lowers ..... If you are sensible about your diet and fuel accordingly then these losses can be reduced, BUT they cannot be avoided, the Likes of FTP and interval training will seem more obvious because you are actively tracking them

    one of my favourite things is stopping a deficit and the following next few weeks suddenly having a surge of energy and all my numbers rocketing back up as my body suddenly gets all the food it needs and a bit extra

    caveat to say .... yes its possible to gain power/strength and muscle on a deficit especially if you are a newbie etc etc etc but its not sustainable and its not easy

    basically accept that you are going to be down on power whilst in deficit
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