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New to mountain biking. Any tips on what bike to buy?

Impala WellingImpala Welling Posts: 4
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Hi all

After recently hiring a bike on a couple of occasions I have realised that really enjoy cycling. I am looking at buying a mountain bike but when looking at the specs it's like reading in a different language!

I am 6ft 3 and currently weigh 18.5 stone so want to lose weight and increase my fitness. I intend starting of slowly by cycling around local National Trust sites and flat cycle trails. I have between £500-700 to spend.

I think I have found a couple of suitable bikes, but was wondering if anyone could advise whether they are any good or whether there are any alternatives I should be considering.

I am looking at the:

Voodoo Bizango 29er ... reId=10001


Pinnacle Ramin 2 ... e-EV264162

Would really appreciate any advice that can be offered. I appreciate this isn't a mega amount of money in bike terms but want to make sure I make the right decision.

Thanks in advance



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