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Specialized tricross appraisal

RjRobertson93RjRobertson93 Posts: 2
edited December 2016 in Your road bikes
Hi all, I've had a look on the forum and I can't seem to find a place for appraisals, please let me know if this is allowed or if there's somewhere else I could move this too.

Looking for a price on this bike, I was given it a month ago from a close friend as I was looking to start cycling to work but my circumstances have changed.

I am no expert as you could probably make out from this thread but please bare with me,any information I have misses I will add if needed :)

Specialized tricross
56cm frame L
27 speed
Enhanced aluminum butted frame
Carbon fibre seat post and forks
Bontager wheels
Used condition (paint chips)

I don't know much more about it, if anyone could help me with a price that would be great.



  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    "how much is my bike worth?" threads are not allowed on these forums. Best thing to do would be to put it on ebay or similar and allow it to achieve its own price.
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