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3 Peaks - Max tyre width?

joey54321joey54321 Posts: 1,297
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I know its earlier, but I am going riding on my cross bike in the Yorkshire Dales in a few weekends. I am looking to change the tyres to something that will be able to handle it and, seeing as I am hoping to ride the 3 peaks in 2017, I might as well get tyres that I can re-use for that. My bike does claim to take 40c tyres and I'm thinking the bigger the better, are 40c tyres allowed in the 3 peaks? Was planning on going for the Land Cruisers if it makes any difference.



  • It's 35mm.
    The use of mountain bikes and road bikes is prohibited. There will be an examination of bikes before
    the start and spot checks made throughout the race. A cyclo-cross bike is a road bike with cyclo-cross
    tubulars/tyres and low gears. Disc brakes are allowed. Bicycles must comply with these regulations:
    ● The structure of the bike connecting the saddle, pedals and forks shall be triangular
    ● The component parts must be tubes or profiles, the form of which is free from restriction. The
    minimum width shall be 25mm. The maximum width shall be 80mm for the frame and 50mm
    for the rear stays, forks and seat pillar.
    ● Wheels of the bike may vary in diameter between 70cm maximum and 55cm minimum,
    including the tyre. The width of the tyre cannot be more than 35mm.
    ● The use of 27" or 700mm wheels in mountain bike frames will not be allowed.
    ● Any rider running disc brakes must have the ability to maintain the brakes during the event.
    ● Competitors are reminded that British Cycling Regulations prohibit riders using on board camera
    devices. Any rider found using such a device may be subject to sanction by British Cycling.
    ● Commissaire's decision will be final.
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  • joey54321joey54321 Posts: 1,297
    Awesome, that is really useful, thanks.
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