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Pinno's Christmas quiz 2016

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Answer the following questions and use the first letter of each answer to form a cycling related anagram. Not as tough as last year (which no-one got).

1. Collective noun for a type of fast herbivore usually found on the plains in Africa and Asia.
2. Handy item when it's raining but often giving up the ghost because of Barbara's.
3. Dutch term for going around in a circle.
4. Mr. "You pancaked my van! I'm gonna kill you, fool!"
5. Not a Tomtom.
6. If you are useless at fettling, you go here.
7. Getting high, courtesy of the Shamen.
8. Slap of a particular colour?
9. Cyclist or swirling fluid.
10. Froome swears by the equation x2/a2 + y2/b2 = 1, where 2a and 2b are the lengths of the major and minor axes.
11. Hair raising descent whipped up leaves successfully and salvaged season for this man.
12. Laid back cyclist preferred rig.
13. Synthetic polymer resembling rubber, resistant to oil, heat, and weathering may keep extremities warm.
14. Damn squeaking BB30's may benefit from installation with this.
15. Boingy stuff used in a saddle for example?
S - The Brazilian beach volleyball team
W - Wiggle Honda

"This year will be harder than last year. But that is good news; this year will be easier than next year." President of Abyssinia's annual address to the nation.


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