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Rockshox 32mm parts interchangeability

The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,757
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Like to pick the collective brains on here (first cue for silly comments!)

I have a 2009 SID on my bike, 32mm Stanchion and 31.7mm internal diameter but its the 'Race' version with crown lockout and the very basic (orifice not shim stack) rebound damper.

I've lucked into some parts from a later Revelation (2015 and 32.8mm internal diameter) and I'm hoping to improve both dampers.

The compression damper is less of an issue (as it doesn't move) so as long as I can get it in it should work, I'm more concerned about the rebound. (It's also possible the rebound is too long for the SID but a 12" rule will tell me the answer to that).

Anyone tried it? Any experience or observations? I'll be looking at O-ring options as well because as long as the Piston fits I may be able to use a thinner section O-ring to get the right seal effect without excessive friction.


  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    32mm aluminium stanchions are all basically the same internally but there are some incompatibilities between different years.
    I don't think it will matter if the damper is too long. You don't need to change the damper when you shorten travel.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,757
    Thanks RM I'm optimistic. But this (from the spare parts PDF) was my concern
    2012-2016 Reba CSU (28.2 inner tube diameter), lower leg, spring assembly and damper assemblies are NOT compatible with 2005-2011 Reba (27.8 inner tube diameter) forks. Dual Air CSU and Dual Air spring assemblies are NOT compatible with Solo Air CSU and Solo Air spring assemblies.

    That said I've just noticed that the exact compression damper I have is mentioned as an Upgrade for the SID A (27.8 ) and there is no warning of 27.8/28.2 for the Rev so I wonder if it stayed at the thicker wall for the longer travel. I'm going from a basic motion control to a Motion Control XDNA

    The issue with the damper length is I have the 100mm SID's were the lower end or the damper is about 25mm up inside the lower, so the distance from top cap to the bottom of the damper chamber at full bump is about 25mm shorter than on those (such as Reba/SID 120mm or Rev's upto 150mm) where the damper chamber extends to the bottom of the lowers.

    Like this

    That said the Maxle versions have it recessed, so maybe it will be fine.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,757
    Ok,the compression damper fitted fine, it has a fair bit more damping when unlocked than the previous RLT which was the primary aim, the lockout if wound full 'soft' on the gate feels more likes harsh pro-pedal and having read some reviews that seems how a lot of people use it so will give it a whirl.

    Rebound damper as suspected is too long, it's about 40mm longer than the current one and overlaps the compression damper by about 20mm so that's not going to work!
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