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Help me choose a bike...

Ben711200Ben711200 Posts: 4
edited December 2016 in MTB buying advice
The same question as I'm sure has been asked countless times, but to be honest I am struggling over terminology and whilst I know what I want, I dont really know what category it would come under. I'm after something I can do a bit of everything on, not too aggressive, but more robust than a proper xc bike.

I've not settled on a wheel size and could be swayed either way. I'm about 5'10" and wear trousers with a 32" inside leg.

Budget started at £500, but seems to be creeping up. There are two options at £800 that I like the look of so I will call that my upper limit.

I've got my eye on two of On-one's pre built options, the 45650b and the Parkwood. I have a feeling that the 45650b would be overkill, but I have a soft spot for steel.

The Voodoo Bizango always seems to come up recommended at this price point. Would it be as good an option as the Parkwood?

I'd love to hear about other (better?) options. I'm sure there are plenty that I wouldn't even think to look at.




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