Interesting Punishment

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Australian tourists paraded in 'walk of shame' over bicycle theft in Indonesia.

Could be interesting. In front of Houses of Parliament? Buckingham Palace? Victoria Embankment?


  • The Rookie
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    In front of a firing squad?
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    They should do something similar for people who car door cyclists in the borough of Westminster
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    I got engaged on Gili Trawangan in 2015.

    There are no cars on the island, you can only get around on foot, by bike or in a little cart pulled by a pony (for luggage etc). Not sure why they'd steal the bikes though, they're all cheap, beaten-up shopping bikes.

    My (now) Mrs is not a cyclist and within 5 mins of getting on the free bike rentals that we got with the hotel she had ridden into the side of one of the carts and fell off, thankfully at slow speed.
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