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SR Suntour fork travel change

careca78careca78 Posts: 99
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Hello All

I'm in the process of refurbishing an old bike for the family kids, using all parts from the donor’s bank.
Among those parts is a SR Suntour XC-Pro E-TR 120mm fork from 2004 (I think...) that is causing me a geometry problem. The fork is approximately 40 to 50mm longer than the old one and is putting the BB at a very tall 350mm unsagged.

From what I can remember from the old service manual, the travel can be reduced to 100mm by repositioning a spacer, but I've lost that manual long ago and I can´t seem to find it in the internet.

Can someone help me? Does someone have the same fork?


  • Just to give an update...

    I've contacted SR Suntour and the customer support answered really quickly:

    "Regarding the fork, as it is a travel adjust fork, it has integrated travel adjust function. As such, you just have to push the remote lever and adjust the height and release the lever in order to let it stay there. Attached some exploded views of the available forks. The solution with the spacer came later and it was not for the adjustable travel forks."

    So, I will have to live with the current setting or disable the travel adjust with the fork adjusted to something like 100mm stroke.
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