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Trek Emonda rear mech hanger failing emonda s4

Jaguar.Jaguar. Posts: 51
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Just wondering if anybody else has had this?

The original mech hanger on this bike snapped after about 4000 miles, it was on a lumpy non=sympathetic change on a steep hill, was going at walking pace so sat down rather quickly and stood up. I wasn't too impressed but bought a new hanger and carried on.

About 4000 miles later, the second mech hanger snapped. Again on a change but this time mid cassette, moderate power, about 20mph. Of course, the mech wrapped up, damaged the paint, broke a spoke, locked the rear wheel etc.

At this point I was even less happy. Been riding many bikes for many years and never had a mech hanger fail, even in a crash so I contacted the LBS.

As I expected, lots of twaddle about how I store the bike, if I am using a cassette outside the range (no) if the bike has been crashed (no, but nearly when the hanger broke!) was it out of adjustment (no) were the end stops OK (yes, in fact, the end stops still have not been adjusted after two hanger fails). Visit to LBS and nothing wrong but a bit of a twiddle with the alignment of the hanger and I am sent on my way.

I contacted Trek who tell me they are designed to fail and suggested I might have had a crash or lent the bike against something or even somebody leant their bike against mine but nothing wrong with the randomly failing hanger and obviously, I would be cross if I had a crash and the hanger didn't fail and the frame got damaged... I pointed out that would not make me as cross as the mech hanger failing of its own volition, damaging the frame and the wheel in the process but this seemed to fall on deaf ears.

So has anybody else experienced random and unprovoked Trek mech hanger failure?

I've got a Wheels Manufacturing hanger now and so far, it hasn't failed...
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