Anyone experience/info on Coast to Coast or other long distance events?..

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Hi all

I'm looking at doing a Coast to Coast ride in 2017, seems 2 ways of doing it either self guided or as an organised event. Personally I'd rather do an organised event and was looking at The Crossing organised by Ratrace, has anyone done this event before and how was it? Was there much self navigating or is it pretty easy to follow the route? I'm a bit concerned that if I do a self guided tour it would take too much time map reading and would be too stop/start??

Any advise or other options greatly appreciated......even any other long distance events that you can recommend. Did the London to Brighton this year so want a challenge for next year :D


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    If you want a challenge how about London - Edinburgh - London?

    More seriously, circa 65 miles a day isn't too challenging if you go at a comfortable pace, food and liquids do require some planning though - and experience of your own body. The route isn't overly challenging and I often do a 30 miler off road on local trails in an evening, so its just doubling up on that each day for three days.
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    My wife and I did the coast and castles this year .... awesome !! Only lost one day to torrential rain
  • The Coast to Coast is easily doable over 3 days; more challenging over 2.
    I've done it a few times now - every time we took it fairly easy and by leaving after breakfast, we were at our accommodation by 2 or 3 (so plenty of time to get drunk, eat food and sober up by the next morning).

    Always go as a 3 - never did an organised tour. As long as you have company and a map you are good to go. It is quite hard to get lost and most of it is signposted. And you will always find another cyclist to point you in the right direction if you are unsure.
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    Cheers, the London to Edinburgh looks good but have always fancied the Coast to Coast and I've heard the route is very enjoyable. I'I'll do a bit more Googling and see what I can find.
  • It's very scenic. There are a couple of nasty climbs (long and winding), but as long as you take it easy you should be able to do it.
    Google 'Hartside Pass' for the worst one - but there is a lovely cafe at the top. And it is all more or less downhill from there to Tynemouth.
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    My son and I rode Hadrians wall, Ravensglass to Newcastle a couple of years ago. Sunstrans publish the route. From memory it was around 210 miles over three days. We bikepacked, camping gear etc. It was pretty exhausting by the end but a fantastic experience. Its a mix of roads and cycle paths, disused train tracks etc. No really gnarly off roading but plenty of away from it all trails.
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    I have only done Way of the Roses,there is loads of Sustrans routes across the UK,looking at doing Seascale to Whitby this year coming 140 hilly miles going to take 2 days over this,but there is a one day sportive for the same route

    Sustrans route maps