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Fire extinguisher inflator

larkimlarkim Posts: 2,401
edited December 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Starting to get the things together to create my take on the fire extinguisher inflator which I'm hoping will be more usable that the coke bottle that I've currently got working (its a bit leaky, and I'm fearful it'll get inadvertently damaged in the garage and subsequently explode on me!).

Acquired a redundant / empty CO2 2kg extinguisher otherwise in good order. Looking at others who have done this, some have drilled out the pressure release valve (it seems to me) and put a presta valve in there, but I'm going down the opposite route of inflating through the outlet which leaves the PRV safety facility in place (though I won't get anywhere near pressure capacity for this as I'd be inflating from a basic floor pump anyway).

Plan currently is to saw off the horn to leave 2-3cm of tube exposed, and then cable-tie a suitably sized hose to this. Then attach this hose to a three way tee, with the straight through route going to a Topeak superchuck at the end of another piece of hose (do to the inflating) and the right angled route either directly to a presta vale retained in a short piece of hose, or do the same but via a shut off valve so that I can inflate using a presta without a valve core for faster air flow.

I'll need to have a mechanism for keeping the extinguisher's handle depressed when being filled (probably just an appropriately sized cable tie tbh) and, unless I've missed something, the coke bottle adaptor can head for the bin.

I'll also be painting / taping up the extinguisher so that it no longer appears to be one, just in case!!

Anything that sounds screwey from that? I'll try to post pics if I make it work!!
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