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What are the current 'go-to' options for home contents insurance policies that will include bikes? (or bike Insurance that will also cover your house). Looked at Pedal Cover, which seems a great policy, but a bit more expensive than what I'm currently paying.

Need cover for up to 8 bikes, total value around £10K. The most expensive single bike is £4.5k, but all the rest are no more than £1k.

The other option would be to keep my current cover for the current bikes, and get a separate policy for the one good bike - if so, any recommendations?


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    I have my house and contents with John Lewis Insurance and they cover any bike up to £1,000 without the need to list it.
    Bikes above that price become named items (and the premium goes up).
    Have been with them for 3 years and haven't been able to find another insurer or combination of insurances that will give the same level of cover for a better price.
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    You might struggle to get 10k worth of cover, I looked a few months ago as we're buying a new place and my current insurer MoreThan only cover up to max 5k and I've been adding to the fleet of late - swmbo has decided to get into biking now... anyway, best I could find without getting into silly premiums was Hastings. The John Lewis Premiere cover was another option but nearly double the premium (although it was also probably higher levels of cover on other things with lower excess than Hastings)
  • Cheers chaps,

    Looked at both the options suggested above, and have eventually gone for Hastings (subject to double-checking the small print). No need to list bikes under £1k, and they were happy to insure the two that go over that amount.

    John Lewis was a bit more expensive, and had more restrictions (standard contents cover for outbuildings, ie garages and sheds, was 'only' £5k ... would cover the additional bikes so long as secured with Gold standard lock). Hastings a bit cheaper, and covered all the bikes within the overall contents limit without silly clauses about limits on outbuildings.

    I did look at insuring the expensive bike separately, but that was over half the annual premium of covering the whole house (buildings and contents), including the bikes!!