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Good customer service

hopkinbhopkinb Posts: 7,129
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I bought a See Sense Icon rear light last Feb. Liked the light a lot - plenty bright, changes flash pattern when you are slowing down, or a car approaches, does all kind of "smart" stuff as well, which I never quite got to grips with. I think it even texts my missus if I fall off the bike. I've even had compliments from a couple of cabbies on the light.

Anyway, one day it just stopped working, so I contacted the company, who told me to return it for repair. A few days later they tell me I'm getting a new unit and sorry for the inconvenience. Very friendly and prompt communication all the way.

Just thought I'd mention it as I think they're just a small company.


  • TashmanTashman Posts: 3,372
    Always nice to hear a posistive
  • graeme_s-2graeme_s-2 Posts: 3,382
    I backed their original kickstarter for their first lights.

    At some point (fairly sure it was outside the original warranty) I had a problem with the rear light where the USB port broke away from the main circuit board. They said I could return it for repair, which I did, but I musn't have packaged it very well as it arrived with a broken casing. They replaced the casing and the circuit board and shipped it back to me very quickly, all at their own expense. They really do seem to be nice folks determined to give excellent service.

    (They seem to have moved the USB port on the ICON lights to a position that I suspect makes it less prone to being broken in the way mine did on the original light).
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