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Dugast tub sidewalls

W3LSHW3LSH Posts: 17
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I recently rolled a tub. Took it to a local bike shop to get it glued back on but unfortunately wasn't very successful (it didn't stick!)

At the same time the shop put some sealant on the sidewalls, however, it never actually set and a month on its still tacky.
Being tacky it seems to trap dirt within it and also holds water.

Other than looking horrible it's possible it looks like it could cause rot so I'm keen to try and remove it.

Is there anything recommended to clean a sticky/tacky substance off that is safe on the sidewalls? I've tried a nail brush and soapy water with no success....



  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    I now bring in dugast tubs. Yoj should use aqua sure on the sidewalls to stop rot. I have quite alot of aqua sure in the shop now. You can buy it online in various places though.

    If your lbs cant glue a tub find another lbs or do it your self.

    I use tubs myself. I apply one thick layer of glue to the tub and to the tyre leave over night and mount. The tub does not move. I ride an mtb with tubs regulary and those tubs have never moved.

    Glukng is pretty easy but you dont skimp on the glue. If you drop buy i will glue your tyre and wheel up for you while you watch. You can then take away and mount them the following day. My method always works. Mastik one should be used. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • W3LSHW3LSH Posts: 17
    Hi thecycleclinic - thanks for the reply, although I think you've missed my query.

    Before I worry about re-gluing the tub, my query is how to remove the tacky substance that has been applied to the sidewalls and doesn't appear to have 'set'/hardened.

    Its currently trapping dirt within its 'stickyness' and on top of looking horrible, it looks like it may (if it hasn't already..) cause rot - so I need to get this off

  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    That depends what it is. I would try tubular glue remover. Schwable do a good one. I don't know how a dusgast tub will react to this but if it is not left on for long it should do any harm.

    What sealant have they used. Dugast are quite specific about aquasure. It is polyurethane sealant and when I last used it it sets fairly hard but like a thing film. It does peel and needs to be reapplied. I keep my dugast tubs in the dry because of it. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • W3LSHW3LSH Posts: 17
    Unfortunately I'm not sure what it is - but can only assume the wrong stuff.

    Yes it took me 2 minutes to find Dugast recomend aquasure, which made it a bit more dissapointing that it obviously wasnt used. Hopefully they can still be rescued as theyve only done around 6 races.

    Thanks - I'll give some tub glue remover on a small trial section
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