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Rourke 953 s/s



  • skmarkskmark Posts: 29
    Alex99 wrote:
    JesseD wrote:
    That is one nice looking bike!

    Clean, simple and well thought out by the looks of things!

    Only change I would make is to a black seat-post clamp but that is nit-picking and very much personal taste, the colour though is fantastic!

    How does it ride, steel has natural flex so would be interested to hear comparisons to a carbon bike on stiffness, comfort etc.

    C'mon, how does it ride?

    Sorry for the delay.....been too busy enjoying riding my bike :D .

    Anyway, I'm no expert in these matters and can only really compare to my other bike (Trek Domane 4.3). So far I would say that the Rourke is stiffer and more responsive yet equally (if not more comfortable). I'm not able to tell which of the stiffness or comfort is entirely down to the frame or is effected by the wheels too (carbon, wide, tubeless).

    The bike as a whole is lighter (though still not actually weighed it) than the carbon Trek and even after many rides it just seems so much more eager to go (like a sports car rather than family hatchback)......I know that sounds a bit daft but I'm no cycling journalist so don't know how else to describe it.

    The Brooks C13 and I are still getting used to each other.....sometime feels a bit firm after a few hours but I'm not in any mind to change it out just yet.

    I've added a 4iiii Power Meter which is working a treat ...... no need for a photo update as you can hardly see it.

    The Speedplay's have loosened up now which is a relief so I'm pleased with that choice too now.

    I've also learned that you need to keep an eye on the Di2 charge level as the 'limp home mode' when it runs short isn't much fun.

    Finally.......the seat post clamp, this is built into the frame and not a separate item hence why it is the same colour....otherwise I'd probably have gone black there too.
  • Still in love with this bike
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