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2016 / 17 Orange P7 Sizing?

braidfingerbraidfinger Posts: 6
edited December 2016 in MTB buying advice
Does anyone own or has demo'd a 2016 or 17 P7? I am 5'10" and can't decide between the M or l Frame. Any feedback appreciated.


  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    Test ride should tell you what you need. You're probably on the limit between the two.
  • Thanks for suggestion RMSC. Given my location it has proved hard to locate a demo. I have sat on a large frame and while roomy in the cockpit it's wheelbase felt really long and i, stretched out. At 5'10" i'm at the upper end of the Medium frame sizing but alas i havent been able to sit on the back of one. I was just wondering if anyone had and was in a similar situation to myself?
  • OJSOJS Posts: 130
    I have a medium and I am 5'8 with 30 inch inside leg, shortish arms. I nearly went small, but solely on the standover.

    I went medium as the small was too short in my opinion and it feels perfect, even if the standover is borderline.

    On the orange riders forum you will find people at your height on both though. I just compared the geometry with the best feeling bike I've had and went with the equivalent length adjusted for the P7s 50mm stem.
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