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Gear and fd problem

MicritterMicritter Posts: 6
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Hi guys so listen

I bought a felt compulsion 2 2009 Full suspension from eBay
I took al the parts from my cube and replaced em on the new felt frame.
But then something happend when i put the chain on it goes Right on the fd and if i move it down to avoid it,then It hit the crank when im shifting so that dosent work neither
Its like its to short or smh need to be longer

Loosiing hair on this one
A bit about my gear
I use the fd Shimano 590 conventionel and the casette is a11-34 the crank is 22-44.

gear cables going into the bottom of the frame past bb and out of the seatpost tube to the front derailleur where on my cube it went by the frame and down the seatpost tube so is it possible it can have anything to do with it should I possibly use a different front derailleur or do u have any anwser ro my Big stupid problem its drives me crazy i dont understand why it dosent fit and how the stupid chain can hit that damn fd and then againg if it aint hittin the fd it goes straight on the crank what is it with this bike plz tell me it aint cursed what parts i need and that i just have to buy something different throw it in the face on my bike mechanic and that be it plzzzzz


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,809
    If the FD is top pull specific (only) it can't be used with a bottom cable pull, if it's dual pull you need to wrap the vocable round so it rotates the FD in the correct direction. As you've not given the exact model of FD or a photo, that's about the limit of the help you can get!

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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    I'd take a deep breath and start again, explaining what exactly you have done, and what is happening. In a semblance of English.

    Pictures help as The Rookie said.
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  • Oh that explains alot so its kind of a mix of the wrong adjustments wrong Angel i placed it in, and a wrong Way i put the gear cable on . Man as long as i know it works then i can screew it on and take it to my Lbs so they can make up for my mistakes,im NOT going back there Again,gear cables Got pretty mesd up by tighten untighten x 20 so now i need new levers too anyone u can recomend me i just wan that bike to Roll now
  • Hey i do know my english is very bad so i did use Google translate but from what u Said i should maybe just try to spell the words on my own x'D
    Auch auch auch
  • Hihihi
  • It just say img how do i upload an picture ive taken?????
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Read the FAQs up there. You need to link from a pic site like flickr.
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    There is no secret ingredient - Kung Fu Panda

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