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Hello guys. I'm here with some new total noob questions. I see that there are 10x135, 12x142 and 12x148 standards used for MTB and I want to know:

1) Are these hubs frame spesific? I mean, can 12x142 hub fit frame with 10x135 stock hub, or vice versa?

2) Let's say that I have Shimano SLX M7000 cassette and both 10x135 and 12x142 hubs on different bikes. Placement of cassete changes when I fit it to 135 or 142? Or they fit the same way, just 7mm empty are at the end? (I know it's dumb question, sorry for that)

3) If answer to 1st question is "yes", then is it worth to find 12x148 spesific bike frame for extra stiffness?

4) If answer to 1st question is "yes", then 110mm front axle will not fit to standard fork? I mean I need 110 spesific fork?

Sorry for noob questions, waiting for your reply


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    1 - No
    2 - The same. Nothing is empty - the freehub is the same length.
    3 - It won't make it stiffer, just wider.
    4 - Yes.
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    Rear hub size is frame specific.
    The cassette stays in the same distance from the wheel centre.
    Whether a wider hub and bigger diameter axle are worthwhile or not depends on how you ride. For normal XC riding you'll never notice the difference. For trail centre riding the extra stiffness may just be noticeable but only if you're really pushing hard and slamming it in to berms. For enduro, all mountain, freeride and downhill it's definitely worth having.
    The front axle size makes a lot more difference. I wouldn't be without a 15mm (or bigger) front axle. The extra stiffness really improves steering precision.
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    Just to add, some frames do come with replaceable dropouts to convert (mostly from 135 to 142 and back) so I guess can't really say it's frame specific but dropout specific.
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    I used to have a Giant Reign X which had a 135x12 rear hub but the gap between the drop outs was 142. I asked Giant UK about it and they said it was definitely a 135 frame and 142 was within tolerance!
  • Thanks everyone for comments. I think now I got it