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Garmin Edge 800 dropping Kickr Power/Speed?

CRAIGO5000CRAIGO5000 Posts: 697
I've recently removed my Stages power meter from the indoor bike which is hooked up to the Kickr Snap. My Garmin was reading this power output. To be fair, it did drop probably once or twice a ride. (potentially interference from my Wifi since I've set that back to auto-channel. The Stages had been solid for a whole year until I changed this!)

Now I'm confident with the Kickr power output, I'm running solely on that but my Garmin Edge 800 intermittently "auto-pauses" as the power and speed signal both drop. Zwift is running via an ANT+ dongle which is even further away from the Kickr and this is flawless - never drops signal.

Has anyone any ideas of what I could attempt to try to fix the constant drops on the Garmin - In the meantime, I'm going to tune my WiFi back to the channel that Stages recommends.

Ribble Stealth/SRAM Force
2007 Specialized Allez (Double) FCN - 3
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